Benchmarking webinar reveals how European Field Service Organizations stand up against the US

by John Cameron on Apr 7, 2016 8:29:24 AM

Field service industry expert Bill Pollock, of Strategies for Growth, recently issued the results of his latest benchmarking study in a webinar hosted by Field Service News. The study surveyed field service professionals ranging from operations to director level across industries including medical, manufacturing, high-tech and construction.  

Customer_Service_Rating.jpgThe study revealed that field service organizations across Europe are expanding the KPIs they use to measure service performance. The majority (78%) is driven to meet customer demands, stating customer satisfaction as being the top KPI for measuring success. Other top KPI’s include field technician utilization (53%), SLA compliance (49%), first-time fix rate (49%) and field technician productivity (47%).

However, despite the focus on developing KPI’s and to meet customer expectations,  many FSO’s in Europe are not attaining average levels of performance, with 32% not attaining at least 80% customer satisfaction and 28% not attaining at least 80% SLA compliance.

An explanation into why this might be could lie in the strategic actions currently being undertaken. The study found that less than half of the respondents (49%) have invested in mobile tools to support technicians and only 20% have integrated new technologies into existing field service operations, which is behind the US curve.

Having a mobility strategy in place drives improved visibility and information sharing in the field. Mobile workers can connect to their back office, customers and equipment in real-time which empowers the entire organization to make better decisions. Encouragingly, over the next 12 months, 79% of European FSO’s will have invested in mobile tools to support their field techs and 53% will have integrated new technologies into existing FS operations which will contribute to upward performance levels.

A key takeaway from the study is that European FSO’s are currently behind the US in their use of business analytics and leveraging information from the field to make decisions. Analytics provide the stepping stones needed to help organizations extract rich, meaningful data from the field and measure it to provide a clear picture of which areas need attention so that they can improve their operations.

In a recent survey by Trimble, being able to make real-time decisions based on the information received was the priority for those managing field based operations. Knowledge management is something 20% of European FSO’s are planning to incorporate which suggests Europe is only a year or less behind the US in this area.

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