Field Service best practices shared at Field Service USA 2016

by Eisha Cooke on Apr 28, 2016 11:34:20 AM

As Field Service USA draws to a close, we’d like to take the opportunity to thank everyone that came to speak with us on the booth and who joined us for our workshop session.

Sharing Insights

The event has been a great opportunity for us to meet and share insights with like-minded professionals, hear about the challenges field service organizations are facing and showcase the capabilities of Trimble PULSE and how it can help address many of those challenges.


We have had a lot of fun at the show and did not quite anticipate just how popular our PULSE Yo Yo’s and ‘Win a Fitbit’ competition would be! Congratulations to the winners and we hope you can maintain your ‘PULSE’ rates (see what we did there?) with your new prize.   


Latest Trends Discussed

The conference sessions that have been running throughout this week have been a great opportunity to hear about and discuss the latest trends and developments that field service organizations are experiencing today. A key theme of the show has been around how to effectively empower your field technicians to enable service excellence.  

Customer Loyalty a Key

Greg Parker of Trane provided a very insightful discussion yesterday around technician tools and development and what your technicians need to be better at their jobs. He stated that the field technician is your customers most trusted advisor. After all, they are the ‘face’ of the company. Obtaining and maintaining the loyalty of customers is therefore very much down to the technician and Greg suggested that, on average, loyal customers are worth up to 10x as much as their first purchase. He also expressed that if your customer has one bad experience, it can take up to twelve positive experiences to make up for that one bad one.

Empowering Technicians

You therefore need to arm your field technicians with on-demand information and the resources necessary to achieve customer satisfaction. Streamlining workflows from the back office to scheduling and mobility solutions in the field enable this, and will be a key and necessary trend moving forward.


Field Service Webinar

For those that may have missed the chance to attend our workshop session at Field Service USA, we will be holding a webinar on May 11th which will address many of the topics that were discussed in the workshop. The theme of the webinar will be around how field service organizations are using connectivity to their best advantage.

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