Trimble announces Airfield Asset Management Solution to Optimize Inspection and Repair Efforts

by John Cameron on Jul 24, 2018 8:08:17 AM

The 2018 Public-Private Partnership Airport Summit in San Diego, California is well underway this week and, with Trimble in attendance, we are delighted to announce the release of Trimble® PULSE™ for Airfield Asset Management.

Trimble 01 v1It is a comprehensive solution that improves the efficiency of airport maintenance operations, reduces asset life cycle costs and captures accurate asset history data, enabling the transition from corrective to preventive maintenance.

The solution will enable airport operations crews tremendously by allowing them to precisely locate maintenance needs, optimize repair efforts and analyze performance. This will, in turn, improve the efficiency of airport maintenance and paving operations.

The Challenge

The challenge airport operations teams face is that they must inspect the airfield daily for defects in pavement, lighting and other maintenance issues that could affect taxiing, takeoffs and landings. From identification to repair, this mission-critical process requires multiple departments to communicate and an efficient workflow to be performed.

The Solution

A combination of hardware and software, Trimble® PULSE™ for Airfield Asset Management optimizes five key areas to accurately locate airfield maintenance issues and accelerate the repair process:

Inspect – Easily enter pavement and other asset inspections using intuitive, mobile forms which are immediately available for all stakeholders.

Identify – Precisely capture defect attributes and automatically associate them to pavement assets, providing a complete history of each slab and asset.

Schedule – Optimize the scheduling and dispatch of inspection, repair and quality assurance tasks.

Locate – Quickly and accurately navigate to the precise defect locations and eliminate unnecessary repairs and mistakes.

Analyze - Monitor asset lifecycle developments in real time to enable proactive and predictive decision making.

With airfields so vast and busier than ever, airport operations crews cannot afford to compromise their inspection and repair efforts due to inaccuracies or inefficiencies. This solution can now enable inspectors to inspect and identify the precise location coordinates of a defect and schedule and dispatch a repair crew. Enhancing the workflow and connecting the field and office for complete collaboration in real time is key to enabling successful and efficient airport maintenance operations.

For more information, check out our video on the new solution or visit:

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